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Bay leaves

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Bay leaves are the laurel tree’s fragrant leaves that are popularly used as herbs while cooking. These aromatic and flavorful leaves can be bought dried, fresh, or in a powder form. Owing to the impeccable flavor they impart, bay leaves are a sought after spice in South East Asian and other cuisines across the globe.


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Bay Leaves

Many recipes require dried bay leaves as they have a more potent aroma than fresh ones. Bay leaves are incorporated in slow-cooked recipes like stews, soups, and sauces and are taken out before serving. Their scent resembles thyme and oregano and is one of the most highly used herbs.

What Are Bay Leaves & Its Types?

Bay leaves grow on the laurel plant, which is an evergreen shrub that thrives in warmer climates. Bay leaves plant has leathery, thick leaves with pointed ends.

Bay leaves have two primary varieties used for culinary purposes, California bay leaves, and Turkish bay leaves.

  • Turkish bay leaves: This is the most commonly used type, which has a subtle flavor. The leaves are fat and short, and the most widely dried bay leaves are also the Turkish ones.
  • California bay leaves: These have a slightly minty taste and deliver a stronger flavor to the dish. These leaves are thinner and longer. A majority of the fresh bay leaves are the California ones owing to their intense taste and smell.

What Do Bay Leaves Taste Like?

The purpose of bay leaves is to impart flavor to a recipe and not be eaten. However, what does this herb taste like on its own? When infused in any hot liquid such as water, soup, or broth, it brings out a near-minty flavor with hints of Christmas pine tree and black pepper.

Bay leaves also impart a somewhat bitter flavor to stews and soups and keeps them from being heavy.

How To Cook With Bay Leaves?

  • The leaves are added to soups or sauces when they are simmering, and later on, removed at serving time.
  • You can add bay leaves at the start of your cooking process as the longer they cook, the more they release their flavor.
  • When in powder form, it can be added to different marinades, salad dressings, and sauces.

dried bay leaves

Bay Leaves Benefits

  • Antioxidants: Bay leaves are loaded with polyphenols that are great antioxidants. This is why bay leaves can help prevent various diseases like diabetes.
  • Healing properties: The extracts of the leaves have healing properties that can reduce inflammation.

Get Your Batch Of Bay Leaves

Bay leaves give soups and stew the perfect kick of flavor and work wonders for your overall well-being. Buy your batch of bay leaves now.


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