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Caraway Seed

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What spice do you turn to when making savory bread or yummy spicy cookies? You guessed it, caraway seeds. These flavor-packed and aromatic seeds are loaded with taste and intensity that brings out the best in your meal.


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Caraway Seeds

These aromatic seeds have a unique taste that resembles anise and also boasts a licorice tinge. This flavorful spice is toasted to achieve maximum flavor and scent that makes every meal finger-licking good. Let us look at why everyone should have caraway seeds tucked away in their spice cabinets.

What Are Caraway Seeds?

These magical seeds are the caraway plant's dried fruit. Caraway, also known as Persian Cumin or Meridian Fennel, is native to Central Europe, Western Asia, the Mediterranean, and North Africa.

This magical spice has been harvested for its culinary purposes and healing properties for centuries. Caraway seeds are usually dried after being harvested and used either in the ground or in the whole form. There are tons of caraway seeds benefits.

What Do Caraway Seeds Taste Like?

The caraway seeds have earthy, bittersweet notes with a tinge of pepper, anise, and citrus. These magical seeds are loaded with natural essential oils that contribute to the seed's distinct flavor profile. Caraway's high level of antioxidants combines with the volatile oils to give it its unlimited health and medical benefits. 

Toasting caraway seeds is always a good idea as this process brings out their full taste and aroma. When toasted, they make a flavor-packed addition to any meal and impart their earthy flavor in the meal.

How To Toast Caraway Seeds?

Toasting them is easy; all you have to do is heat up a pan on medium heat and then toss in the seeds. Let them toast for a good 2 minutes till they become fragrant. Once done, remove them from the pan and let them cool. Your toasted caraway seeds are ready to be used.

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How To Cook Using Caraway Seeds?

  • Caraway seeds are an essential ingredient when baking yummy treats. They are a star ingredient in seed cakes and soda bread.
  • They are used to flavor vegetables, stews, soups, curries, and sausages.
  • Give your tomato-based soup or sauce that savory touch by sprinkling some caraway seeds on top.
  • These flavorsome seeds make the perfect addition to salads and creamy dressings.
  • Caraway seeds taste delicious when added to bread and cookies.
  • They work great with meat dishes, especially roasted or grilled chicken and fish.

Add Caraway Seeds To Your Spice Rack

Caraway seeds taste amazing, with tons of health benefits. Caraway seeds are an integral cooking spice, whether you are making dinner or baking yummy goodies. If you are out of this magical spice, you can get it from us.