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Cardamom Green Whole

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Cardamom is an extremely popular spice that dominates both savory and sweet dishes. Owing to its intense aroma and flavor, this spice is used in Middle Eastern, Swedish, Indian, and Arabic cuisines. You can buy it in the form of seeds, cardamom pods, or powder.


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So, what is cardamom?

The cardamom spice is produced from the seed pods belonging to different plants from the ginger family. These cardamom pods have several seeds inside them, and you can use the entire pod for cooking purposes. The pods' size and color depend upon their species; however, their seeds are black and tiny.

There are two prominent ones, namely green cardamom and black cardamom, when it comes to cardamom types. Green cardamom is mostly used in Middle Eastern cuisine, whereas black and green cardamom is widely used in Asian and Indian recipes.

What Does Cardamom Taste Like?

Cardamom seeds are a staple ingredient in Indian dishes and have an intense, pungent, and sweet flavor with a tinge of mint and lemon. Its unique and distinct aroma makes it a top hit in desserts like kheer.

Its taste comes down to the variety of cardamom that you use. The most famously used are black cardamom and green cardamom with both having their own distinct flavor.

  • Black cardamom has a stronger and menthol-ish taste which is why it is mostly used in savory recipes.

  • Green cardamom on the other hand has a citrusy, herbal and a subtle sweet taste which makes it an essential part of both sweet and savory cuisines.

When buying cardamom seeds, make sure you buy smaller batches as it quickly loses its freshness.

How To Use Cardamom Seeds?

  • Cardamom seeds work exceptionally well in desserts such as kheer and custards.

  • You can also give your French toast a cardamom twist by adding a pinch of this spice to the batter. 

  • It is used in various curries and stews.

  • Cardamom seeds are used in making several soothing drinks and teas.

  • Cardamom pairs well with other spices such as turmeric, cumin and cinnamon.

  • Make yourself a soothing cardamom tea that will instantly relax your mind, body and soul.

Cardamom Green Whole

Health Benefits Of Cardamom Seeds

  • Cardamom helps to relieve acidity.

  • Works excellent in improving digestion.

  • It is the best remedy for bad breath.

  • Cardamom spice is excellent for people with asthma and allergy.

Cardamom Green Whole Kraft

Indulge in the exquisite aroma and flavor of our premium Green Cardamom. Sourced from the finest plants, these aromatic pods add a burst of freshness to your dishes. Whether used in desserts, beverages, or savory recipes, Green Cardamom lends a unique and exotic touch to every culinary creation. Order now and experience the unparalleled quality and flavor of our Green Cardamom pods.

Bulk Green Cardamom Whole

Bulk Cardamom Green

Indulge in the Exotic Aroma and Flavor of Bulk Green Cardamom Whole:

Embark on a culinary journey with the captivating fragrance and rich flavor of our Bulk Green Cardamom Whole, sourced from the Elettaria cardamomum plant. These whole cardamom pods boast a complex and citrusy taste profile, making them a versatile spice for both sweet and savory creations. With our bulk packaging, you'll have an abundant supply to infuse your dishes with the exotic essence of green cardamom.

Perfect for Seasoning:

Bulk Green Cardamom Whole is a culinary gem renowned for its ability to add depth and sophistication to a wide range of dishes. From aromatic rice and desserts to savory curries and spice blends, the unique flavor profile of green cardamom elevates the overall taste experience. Let the exotic aroma of cardamom pods transport your kitchen to distant culinary landscapes.

Premium Quality for Exceptional Taste:

Our Green Cardamom Whole is sourced from high-quality Elettaria cardamomum plants, ensuring an authentic and potent flavor in every pod. The cardamom pods are carefully harvested to preserve their freshness and aroma. With our bulk offering, you'll always have a generous supply of top-quality green cardamom pods to bring a touch of luxury to your dishes.

Versatility in Every Pod:

Explore the versatility of Bulk Green Cardamom Whole in various culinary applications. From brewing aromatic teas and infusing syrups to adding depth to meat dishes and rice pilafs, these whole cardamom pods provide a burst of complex flavors. With the convenience provided by our bulk packaging, you can experiment with different recipes and discover new ways to incorporate the exotic flavor of green cardamom.

Seal in the Freshness:

Packaged to preserve their freshness and intense aroma, our Bulk Green Cardamom Whole is ready to become a prized ingredient in your spice collection. Elevate your dishes with the exceptional quality and versatility of green cardamom Ð order today and experience the exotic and aromatic essence that Bulk Green Cardamom Whole brings to your culinary creations.

Always keep your cardamom seeds in a cool, dry place and ensure that its lid is tightly closed.

Add Cardamom Seeds To Your Spice Rack

If you love spices with an intense taste and smell, then cardamom is for you. Make sure you try our top-quality seeds for the best cardamom taste.