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Ground Cinnamon

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Everyone is familiar with the warm and sweet flavor that cinnamon boasts. Whether you are eating French toast, oatmeal, or buns, a pinch of cinnamon will give the perfect touch to every dish. If your recipe needs cinnamon powder, will the packet of ground cinnamon in your kitchen cabinet do?


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Cinnamon Ground

It definitely will. Cinnamon powder and ground cinnamon are typically the same; the only difference lies in their texture. Cinnamon powder is finer, but both work exceptionally well in every recipe. So, they are the same cinnamon type with the same flavor.

What Is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon has long been used as a source of healing and as a flavor imparting spice. It is obtained from the cinnamon tree in either a dried tubular shape or as a ground powder.

There are typically two major varieties of cinnamon that rule the spice market: Ceylon and Cassia. Both of them differ in flavor, smell, and qualities.

  • Cassia cinnamon: This is the most commonly used cinnamon that is obtained from the bark, which imparts a potent taste when ground. Even a tiny bit goes a very long way. This type of cinnamon can have its roots in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. Each has its unique flavor, while the Indonesian variety is the least expensive and the sweetest one. 

  • Ceylon cinnamon: This cinnamon type is also known as 'Mexican' or 'True' cinnamon. It's lighter in color and slightly sweet. This type is the most preferred but very hard to get your hands on.

Cinnamon powder

How To Use Ground Cinnamon For Cooking?

You can use ground cinnamon in several ways, whether you are making a hot drink or a yummy snack. Let's look at the different ways you can incorporate this flavorful spice into your daily meals.

  • Give your tea an extra kick by tossing in some ground cinnamon.

  • You can sprinkle ground cinnamon on fruits and vegetables to give them a spicy kick.

  • Add it to your meat flavoring to give your roast a unique and powerful flavor.

  • Mix a few teaspoons into your cereal or oatmeal.

Cinnamon Health benefits

  • Research has proven that Ceylon and Cassia are loaded with calcium, iron, and manganese.

  • They also contain Vitamin E, C, and K.

  • This spice is an efficient antioxidant that protects you from the dangers of free radicals.

Discover the Sweet and Spicy Symphony of Bulk Cinnamon Ground:

Immerse your kitchen in the delightful aroma and rich flavor of our Bulk Cinnamon Ground, sourced from premium Cinnamomum trees. This finely ground spice adds a sweet and spicy kick to your culinary creations, making it an essential ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes. With our bulk packaging, you'll have an abundant supply to infuse your recipes with the comforting and aromatic essence of ground cinnamon.

Perfect for Seasoning:

Bulk Cinnamon Ground is a versatile spice celebrated for its ability to add warmth and depth to a variety of dishes. From baking delectable treats and desserts to enhancing savory sauces and spice blends, the sweet and spicy notes of ground cinnamon elevate the overall flavor profile. Let the comforting and familiar aroma of cinnamon transform your kitchen into a haven of culinary delights.

Premium Quality for Exceptional Taste:

Our Ground Cinnamon is sourced from high-quality Cinnamomum trees, ensuring an authentic and potent flavor in every pinch. The cinnamon bark is carefully ground to achieve a consistent texture that seamlessly integrates into your recipes. With our bulk offering, you'll always have a generous supply of top-quality ground cinnamon to bring a touch of sweetness to your dishes.

Versatility in Every Pinch:

Explore the versatility of Bulk Cinnamon Ground in both sweet and savory applications. From cinnamon-spiced coffee and baked goods to curries and stews, this spice adds a distinctive and comforting character to a variety of culinary creations. With the convenience provided by our bulk packaging, you can experiment with different recipes and discover new ways to incorporate the sweet and spicy flavor of ground cinnamon.

Seal in the Freshness:

Packaged to preserve its freshness and delightful flavor, our Bulk Cinnamon Ground is ready to become a kitchen essential. Elevate your dishes with the exceptional quality and versatility of cinnamon Ð order today and experience the sweet and spicy symphony that Bulk Cinnamon Ground brings to your culinary creations.

Add Ground Cinnamon To Your Pantry

Whether you are making a special meal or are preparing a nice hot drink, a pinch of ground cinnamon is enough to add the perfect taste. Make sure you include our supreme quality ground cinnamon in your pantry.


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