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Dill weed

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The name dill weed instantly reminds you of pickles and fresh evergreen salads. Whether you are making a lavish Christmas dinner or roasting a full-fledged turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, dill weed will be right by your side.


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Dill Weed

This flavorful herb has been in use in Asia and Europe for centuries owing to its healing benefits and culinary uses. Its leaves are herbs, whereas the seeds are a highly sought after spice. This versatile herb is grown all year round, and you can use it any time of the year to give your meals the perfect taste.

What Is Dill Weed?

Dill is also called dill weed and is an aromatic, green plant belonging to the celery family of plants. Every part of this culinary herb, including its stems, seeds, and flowers are edible. The dill plant has green feather-like leaves that are used as an herb, whereas the oval, flat seeds, are used as a spice.

The dill plant is native to Southwest Asia and dominates Mediterranean cuisines. It works exceptionally well in salad dressings, pickled vegetables, egg dishes, fish, and chicken. Using dried dill weed in your recipes to get the most flavor and scent out of this herb.

How To Cook Using Dill Weed?

  • Dill weed is quite famous for its use in pickles. You can make the perfect pickled cucumbers using water, vinegar, dill weed, pickling salt, and garlic cloves. 

  • This herb is the perfect addition to smoked salmon. Top up your fish with dill weed and lemon juice for a lavish dinner.

  • Dill weed delivers an extra herby punch when seasoned on pizzas.

  • Make a hearty potato salad that will leave everyone wanting for more. Toss together red potatoes, sour cream, kosher salt, and dill weed for a lip-smacking potato salad that will complement any main course.

dill leaves

Health Benefits Of Dill Weed

  • The taste and aroma of dill weed instantly soothe and relaxes a tense and tired body.

  • It contains vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, manganese, and calcium.

  • Dill weed is used to make an herbal tea that helps in healing an upset stomach.

  • It has antibacterial properties and is used as a cure for bad breath.

Make Space For Dill Weed In Your Pantry

Dill weed is a must-have herb if you love hosting lavish parties and dinners. If you are on the lookout for top quality dill weed, look no further and get it from the best online spice store in town.