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Celery Salt

Does the spice celery salt ring a bell? Even if its name sounds unfamiliar, the chances are that you have eaten this seasoning in one dish or another without even noticing it. Celery salt is an extremely common seasoning used in various spice blends and recipes.


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Celery Salt

As the name says, this spice adds the perfect touch of celery and salt to any meal it is incorporated into. This taste packed spice gives savory dishes an extra punch of flavor, making it a staple ingredient in every chef's recipe.

What Is Celery Salt?

Celery salt is used to give your meal the perfect touch of salt and flavor. But what exactly is this magical spice? It is made by crushing together salt and celery seeds to get the ideal seasoning that is perfect for savory dishes.

Taste-wise it tastes like regular salt with an aftertaste of celery that is oh-so cleverly mixed in it. This flavor-packed seasoning has a slightly bitter, peppery, and grassy flavor, making it an ideal candidate for savory cuisines.

How To Cook Using Celery Salt?

Celery salt can be used to make a variety of dishes, snacks, and beverages. Let's see some of the celery salt uses:

  • Vegetable soup: Nothing tastes better than a hot bowl of vegetable soup on a rainy day. Give your soup an extra punch by adding celery salt to the vegetable broth when it is cooking.

  • Popcorn seasoning: Who doesn't love flavored popcorn on a movie night? Sprinkle some celery salt to your plain or butter popcorn to give them a twist like never before.

  • Add it to ground meat: Celery salt works as an excellent addition to ground meat. Whether you are making meatballs or hamburgers, tossing in some celery salt will enhance the flavor of garlic and other ingredients present in the meat.

celery and salt

Health Benefits Of Celery Salt

  • Celery salt contains beneficial compounds that help to prevent diseases like cancer.

  • It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

  • Celery seeds used for making this salt and celery combo are very beneficial for people who suffer from joint pain and conditions such as gout.

Include Celery Salt In Your Kitchen

Celery salt is an essential seasoning spice that elevates your dish to a whole new level. You can get your hands on the best quality celery salt from us.