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Tarragon Leaves

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French cuisine is incomplete without its fair share of tarragon leaves. This licorice-tasting herb is found in Europe, Central Asia, and Southern Russia. No French sauce or dish is complete without a dash of this flavor-packed herb.


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So, what is tarragon and what does tarragon taste like?

Tarragon is a popular green leafy herb that dominates French cuisine.  Its exclusive yet gentle taste works exceptionally well with chicken, fish, and various sauces. This herb is famous for its bittersweet flavor and notes resembling the spice anise. Even a small amount of it adds the perfect taste and scent while elevating the meal's flavor. Tarragon is an essential ingredient in the Bernaise sauce and is a sought after herb for flavoring vinegar.

How To Select Tarragon?

Tarragon leaves are slender and have pointed tips. When choosing tarragon, make sure the stems have bright green leaves. We suggest you run away from leaves that are black, yellow, or wilting.

If you are looking for French tarragon, crush one of its leaves in your fingers. If it smells similar to anise, it is French tarragon.

How To Properly Store Tarragon?

So how do you properly store tarragon while maintaining its freshness? You can place the stems in a vase or jug of water on your kitchen counter. This will ensure they last a week or maybe even longer.

Another way is to roll the fresh tarragon stems in a damp paper towel and pack it in a plastic bag and refrigerate it. By following this method, they will stay fresh for about four days.

How To Cook Using Tarragon Leaves?

  • Tarragon is used to make a herb blend called fines herbes, a classic French seasoning mix, and an essential part of French cooking.

  • Tarragon leaves make the perfect seasoning while grilling fish or roasting a chicken.

  • It gives salad dressings the extra punch and elevates the flavor of sauces and cream.

  • You can give your omelet a new twist by adding some freshly chopped tarragon leaves.

 Health Benefits Of Tarragon

Here are some of the tarragon benefits:

  • It contains essential nutrients like potassium, iron, and manganese that are beneficial for your health.

  • It helps to improve your quality of sleep as it has a sedative effect.

  • Tarragon contains pain-relieving qualities.

  • It helps in making your insulin sensitivity better and decreases blood sugar.

Make Space For Some Tarragon Leaves In Your Kitchen

Tarragon leaves make the perfect addition to sauces and grilled meat. You can get your hands on the best quality tarragon leaves from us.

Add a hint of licorice-like flavor to your dishes with our Bulk Tarragon Leaves. Sourced from the Artemisia dracunculus plant, these leaves impart a subtle and aromatic note to sauces, salads, and more. With our bulk packaging, you'll have an ample supply of tarragon leaves to enhance the flavor profiles of your culinary creations. Elevate your recipes with the delicate and aromatic essence of Tarragon Leaves. Explore the versatility of tarragon in your kitchen.