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Tahchin Saffron (Crispy Saffron Rice)

Tahchin Saffron (Crispy Saffron Rice)


Cooked Chicken 1 cup
steamed rice 2 cups
plain yogurt 5 tablespoons
Liquid Nicesaffron 2 tablespoons
Dried Barberries 2 tablespoons


1- Mix plain yogurt with steamed rice.
2- Add Liquid Nicesaffron to rice and yogurt, mix it up.
3- Put some of the mix in the pot & add the cooked chicken.
4- Add more rice on the chicken and put on the stove top, use middle heat for 20 minutes.
5- Throw the Barberries in the saucepan, heat it up.
6- When the rice has firmed, plate it and add the barberries.
Enjoy your healthy Food